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Beautiful, Inspiring video-Full Moon Silhouettes

oregonantiaging on April 26, 2013 · 15 comments

http://markg.com.au/2013/01/full-moon-silhouettes/ This is my “Full Moon Silhouettes” short, as seen originally on Vimeo. It is a real time video of the moon…

Mark did a beautiful job here. Full moon in New Zealand. Watch and you can’t help but breath deeply.

46 Responses to “Dr. Keri Peterson talks Anti Aging with Dr Oz – cool stuff”

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    I loved your blog post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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    • oregonantiaging says:

      Hi Chet, I do not have a good solution….just need to keep after it I guess. Thanks.

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  4. fshdshdgjh says:

    Just a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw great style.

  5. Vietscouty1 says:

    I’m currently 31 and many people take a decade off when they guess my age. Part is genetic, but part is also your diet and lifestyle. I don’t smoke, rarely drink and get decent amount of sleep. My goal is to live for another 70-80 years and 90 if possible. Most people overlook what our body needs to keep all cells within their bodies to function and remain highly efficient. I’ve done my research and doing an 14 year experimentation. How about you? :)

  6. 907Raffy907 says:

    The black chick looks she had a decent amount of surgery done

  7. missescalloway says:

    Not just the black girl….ALL THREE of them. You can always tell the age of a woman by her NECK and Hands. No matter how tight her face is. Lol

  8. irishslave51 says:

    Cheryl Tiegs looks terrible with her sunken in mouth. I’m sure they have all had something done. The gal on the end says she has gone on a raw diet, so she at least is trying to live healthy.

  9. godschildyes says:

    Cheryl looks awful! She has plastic surgery all over her face!

  10. nadia mccall says:

    What idiots, I agree — I love how they refused to answer re the plastic surgery question and simply all said, it’s an interesting thing, some people look worse with it, etc. They refused to actually answer! and I bet the doc was laughing inside at them

  11. flakeyjay says:

    Carol Alt stills looks great!

  12. LadySwag502 says:

    According to Wikipedia, Cheryl Tiegs is 64 years old.
    Beverly Johnson is 60
    and Carol Alt is 51.

  13. Ethan Lawson says:

    That black woman is GORGGGG

  14. ekajnosliw99kg5 says:

    this is hypocritical supermodels and natural beauty..hahaha.whatever beauty is skin deep baby!

  15. gmabubbles says:

    Cheryl Tiegs looks stiff around her mouth.

  16. gmabubbles says:

    Im sure Beverly J. over the years have had a nip and tuck but she has retained her natural look. I would not use the petroleum jelly but the other Cod Liver is a yes!

  17. gmabubbles says:

    Oh wow! I Cheryl is 64, then who cares about the surgery around her mouth. She looks gorgeous! …..And Beverly J OMG! Carol Alt doesnt look over 35 to me.

  18. belladonna1999 says:

    One of the biggest factors involving aging is the sun. It breaks down the elastin in the skin and I avoid it a great deal. So many kids start going to the tanning salon and living at the beach at a young age and don’t realize what it’s doing to them. And then there’s smoking. Ruins the complexion and ages the skin as well. 

  19. TheAdulateur says:

    YEAH, a decade younger than their stated age…all thanks to Tamanu Oil! Give me a break! It has nothing to do with plastic surgery, days at the spa, or relaxing by the pool. Show me some poor slob from the ghetto who uses Tamanu Oil and looks 10 years younger.

  20. BirdOfParadise777 says:

    LOL! Exactly!

  21. gilraenn29 says:

    cheryl looks very rubbery, too much botox?

  22. gilraenn29 says:

    beverly johnson and carol alt look gorgeous

  23. coffeeNcreambaby says:

    I love how Cheryl Tiegs just totally deflects from answering the plastic surgery, LOL, there’s the answer right there. If it was a no, she would be quick and proud to very directly say “No”.

  24. DracoIsMyWhoreCrux says:

    Oh my God the blonde one looks so plasticy! She has def. had loads done.

  25. Charles McClelland says:

    Anyone tried Natoxoran Secrets (google it)? I’ve heard many great things about this anti-aging cream and my mate completely look younger and defying her age using it, but she refuses to tell me :(

  26. luckybecca7777 says:

    Cmon this is bullshit!

  27. lindalovesmusic1 says:

    Cheryl Tiegs is still so pretty!

  28. OrahIsha says:

    Actually there is a natural amazing plant, Moringa that has rejuvenating and anti aging properties. It also strengthens overall health, helps with weight loss — very high in anti oxidants and so much more. Always use premium quality moringa for best results google Egyptian Renew Moringa

  29. Manvendra Moghe says:

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  30. Cathy Browm says:

    golly awful lip injections.i will never understand them

  31. CookieCris4 says:

    Hi there, have you tried out “Belly Fat Blaze” (just do a Google search for it…)? There you can watch a practical free video. It made it easier for Kenny to get rid of his abdominal fat. Hopefully it helps you too.

  32. anddihier says:

    Thats Chyrl Teigs…

  33. Darris B. Nelson says:

    Petroleum jelly???!!! You cannot be serious! PLEASE, NEVER PUT ANY PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ON YOUR BODY! They are POISON!

    There are so many alternatives like raw, virgin coconut oil which is plentiful and affordable.

    Cheryl Tiegs went overboard on the plastic surgery . . . I’ll bet she would have aged beautifully without anything at all.

  34. Tread Softly says:

    Petroleum jelly is a carcinogenic. They have found mineral oil and protroleum cause cancer don’t use that. They are from what our fuel is from. Use organic healthy oils.

  35. 9412angel says:

    See my video on tamanu oil review

  36. Angelique Torre says:

    Hey There! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about Natoxoran Secrets (do a search on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you ever tried natural botox alternative called Natoxoran Secrets? I have heard several great things about it and my cousin completely look younger and defying her age using it.

  37. MsNk2012 says:

    i agree, cheryl should be honest with dr Oz.. she had lips done (I remember her from 30years ago, she had very narrow lips), face fillers and botox, and thats what is very recognizable, who knows what else

  38. Darris B. Nelson says:

    I do remember her narrow lips . . . it looked right on her, she was beautiful. Her lips and face now look painful.

  39. Christina Castleforte says:

    Do not use petroleum jelly on your skin. Is very comdogenic to your skin. Your skin cannot breathe. when I see woman who do this on their skin they have so many bleakheads. Beverly skin must look so horrible. I would love to be her esthetician and show her under the amgnifying light how bad her skin is. She must have to go in for many facials to clear her pores out from using it

  40. orangejuicerox says:

    tamanu oil is a kind of expensive oil so a poor slob from the ghetto wouldnt be able to afford it anyway, plus you said ‘slob’, well the last slob i saw dont even care about putting his/her dirty sock in the dirty pile, let alone care about their skin

  41. TheAdulateur says:

    You’re right they’re too busy working and trying to feed their kids. I don’t think they get by on a pretty face.

  42. daniak says:

    I am sure that due to genetics there are people in the getto that look younger, but you are right, looking at these ladies, with all the repsect, Beverly’s face is practically frozen.

  43. leaderka says:

    Hey there, have you tried out “Belly Fat Quencher” (just search on Google for it …)? On their website you can watch a beneficial free video. This made it possible for Jennifer to get rid of her tummy fat. It might help you as well…

  44. Sally Jess says:

    They don’t actually answer the question about plastic surgery. Plus, cleaning your skin isn’t the only way to get rid of acne. Most of the time it has nothing to do with it.

  45. gail040456 says:

    SO …… YES or NO ????? surgery or not , answer the question . lmao

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